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Bragg Creek TransRockies 2002 - Stage 4

The event tent was throbbing, the air vibrating to the beat of drums. The singer called the athletes to "Stand up champions". The hard bodies slumped in chairs. It had been another gruelling day of boulder-strewn trails, frigid river crossings, endless ascents, bone jarring descents, high passes drenched in rain, sleet, snow and mud. The few who persevered, powering through the wilderness to reach the finish at the head of the pack, rose to accept their awards and the appreciation of their fellow racers. They donned the brilliant yellow, green orange or white jerseys, that marked them as the fastest men and women in their class. Day four of the TransRockies mountain bike race was coming to a close.

Outside the setting sun glistened through peepholes in the clouds, sparkling in puddles and in beads of moisture on leaves and on the bikes with bold colours and flashy graphics. Bikes renewed and revealed after the caked-on mud had been washed away - meticulously pried out of cracks an joints. The field of the Sandy McNabb campground was covered with large bumps - the domed tents of the racers. Their home for the night. Above the foothills, the majestic Rockies loomed on the horizon. Scattered about the site, trucks, tents and RVs offered repair and relief for broken bikes and bruised bodies. Some contained sophisticated communications equipment to beam the story of the days events out across the world. The story, captured on film and video from a helicopter that follows the progress of the race as it winds and grinds over 618 rugged kilometers during the 7 days it will take to cycle from Fernie, B.C. to Canmore Alberta. I have come as representative of Bragg Creek, to congratulate the racers who ride for us and to learn what we can expect on the following day as these riders from Europe, the U.S.A. and Canada find their way to our tiny hamlet where we have prepared a warm and festive welcome for them.

Here are some photos of the event.

event tent

Racers at the awards ceremony


Home for the night


Marg Fedyna and Kirk Schmiedge


Leaders of the mixed class


Leaders in all classes

men's class

Presenter & men's class leaders

bike clinic

Bike clinic