Bragg Creek Environmental Coalition

Stop Clear-Cut Logging in Kananaskis Country
& Create A New Wildland Park

The Ministry of Sustainable Resource Development and Spray Lake Sawmills plan to clear-cut West Bragg Creek, the Elbow Valley and other areas of Eastern Kananaskis Country. This leaflet contains information as to why this logging plan does not make sense in either economic or environmental terms. Also included is information about the proposed Moose Mountain Wildland Park. The idea behind Moose Mountain Wildland Park is to change the land use designation of the Eastern Kananaskis from ‘industrial’ to ‘protected’ by designating the area as a provincial park.

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Logging vs. Natural Forest Disturbances

moose mountainLogging does not mimic, or even closely approximate, the natural disturbance and regeneration processes that occur following forest fires or insect infestations. Furthermore, clear-cutting and replanting with one tree species creates forests lacking the natural variation in age and species of trees needed to protect natural biodiversity. Because existing clear-cut areas are so extensive, virtually no virgin habitat will remain in West Bragg Creek and the Elbow Valley if the clear-cut plans proceed.

The economic value of intact, healthy forests outweighs the limited economic benefits of logging

  • The Elbow Valley and West Bragg Creek areas of Kananaskis Country are two of Calgary’s most conveniently located outdoor recreation areas.

  • Extensive logging in the Elbow River watershed has the potential to cause increased flood risks in Calgary.

  • Logging may damage the Elbow River Watershed by causing increases in nutrient and sediment levels in the river, ultimately leading to increased downstream water treatment costs.

Calgary is poised to become a world class metropolis. Kananskis Country is Calgary’s garden next door and is one of the city’s most valuable assets. Gone are the days when Kananaskis Country can be managed as an industrial area. It’s time for the Alberta government to reassess the long term economic value of the land in terms of natural capital and to provide it with the full environmental protection it deserves. The time for Kananaskis Country to be managed as a ‘multi-purpose’ area is ending. Now and forever, Kananaskis Country should be about watershed protection, wildlife refuge and recreation. And that’s all.

  • Protect an exceptional environment for all Albertans.

  • Improve watershed protection and prevent further deterioration of water quality in the Elbow River–the drinking water source for 450,000 Calgarians.

  • Meet the increasing recreational demands made by the growing population of Calgary and area.

  • Protect all types of indigenous wildlife and their habitats from the negative impacts of industry.

Moose Mountain Wildland Park

moose mountain moonWildland Parks are large, undeveloped natural landscapes designed to preserve and protect natural heritage and provide opportunities for self-propelled backcountry recreation such as hiking, wildlife viewing, mountain climbing, biking and trail riding.

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What you can do:

Telephone, email or write Minister Coutts, and copy or contact the others on the following list. Please...

  • Protest the Spray Lake Sawmills’ proposed clear cut logging of West Bragg Creek.

  • Ask for a deadline extention, so more people can be informed.

  • Support the creation of Moose Mountain Wildland Park.

  • Ask for a suspension of all new industrial activity including logging and oil and gas development pending the creation of the park.

The Bragg Creek General Store, Bragg Creek Foods, Mountain Equipment Coop, Bow Cycle and braggcreek.ca have all helped to bring this issue to public attention.

“Saying NO to clearcutting & YES to natural processes means a return to the ecological & evolutionary processes that originally produced this diverse and beautiful landscape.”
-Ralph Cartar, BCEC president and U of C ecologist